CMOLS mainly engaged in international long-distance phone cards and IPPBX business. Adhering to bit strength, help businesses take off the idea of building the most authoritative of the communications industry as the goal, to provide customers with excellent service, excellent quality, reasonably priced specialty products. Our promise is: quality first, customer first, with a grateful heart to meet the customer needs!
   "Customers smile" is our continuous goal. From the customer point of view, using a practical workflow, strict service quality standards will work in-depth customer service to all aspects of business processes to minimize the incidence of customer issues, to provide customers with comprehensive, personalized service, maximum limits to achieve customer and partner satisfaction; customers and partners will be satisfied smile is our development in the area.

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   CMOLS 100% satifaction guarantee: credit/debit card payment secruity, conversation voice quality , and billing accuracy. Our main service includes:400 Phone cards,400 + PBX business telephone exchange, WEB 800 phone,800+PBX Value-added telephone system. (Note: no longer sell phone card. If you want to buy phone card,please visit
"400 service", also known as the Lord called pay-sharing service, is a customer for the called party to provide a unique number across the country and to the number of calls connected to the called customer predetermined destination (telephone number or call centers) nationwide intelligent network service...
4006/7/8 number can also be used as a corporate switchboard number, 4006 is the CNC, the 4007 is the CRC, the 4008 telecommunications, these numbers show number itself is cited, the actual practice is to call 400 numbers to a fixed number(Virtual number), this number can switchboard greeting...
web800 is the reverse charge phone line 800, in essence, is similar to the traditional telecommunications business, free consultation call 800.Customers only need to click to call icon on the network, and then fill in your phone number, will be able to get within a few seconds of free enterprise ...
And similar to the 400 switchboard, the customer simply click to call icon on the network, and then fill in your phone number, you can receive a call from corporate switchboard, you can listen to ring tones business, according to the voice prompts to select the appropriate extension ...
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