4006/7/8 number can also be used as a corporate switchboard number, 4006 is the CNC, the 4007 is the CRC, the 4008 telecommunications, these numbers show number itself is cited, the actual practice is to call 400 numbers to a fixed number (Virtual number), this number can switchboard greeting, and then prompt extension, extension on the 1st pass and then divert the existing internal telephone or cell phone.
   400 as a corporate switchboard systems professional to manage and set up, because the 400 number is called sharing the main billing, the calling party to pay City the bill, called party according to the nature of the caller to pay long distance or city the bill, professional 400 companies switchboard operators, management systems have used the system management functions and settings available to the enterprise independent features, such as business greeting or ring tones, extension management.
   Unicom 4006, mobile 4007, Telecom 4008 is the only number, communication expense of the calling client, called a telephone service company to pay assessments; can be widely used in business hotline customer service hotline, technical support hotlines unified service platform; 400 companies Hotline telephone numbers can be bound in the existing ordinary phones and trunks, the number of resource-rich country can be quickly opened, the access code is 400XXXXXXX.
400 businesses in need of call center customers need to apply for a "400Xxxxxxx" as the unity of the country access code; in any area of the country, the caller simply call the    "400Xxxxxxx" No, no need to dial the area code can be in accordance with the enterprise business user preset program, will follow the call directly to the customer specified phone number or call center.
   400 business hotline, is the main pay-sharing service called, is an upgraded version of 800 businesses, more than 800 major progress with four advantages: phone to dial, extended 670 million mobile phone users to expand the nationwide application;
      2.Hua Fei save more than 800 toll-free number 50 per cent reduce invalid call and short words, saying, prevent harassment,
improving office efficiency; quickly, according to regional transit, the country only a number;

400business switchboard open following features:
  1. RBT Enterprises
  2. RBT is the information age businesses fashionable economic impact a wide range, low-cost high-tech "sound card"! The marketing campaign, and into the daily business communication, means of communication appropriate to the natural, personalized ring tones not only to your business customers to enjoy hearing the U.S. to allow customers to more easily find the companies, but also allow customers to receive from the business cordial voice information, but also helps demonstrate the overall style and broaden communication channels, create new corporate image.
  3. Voice Mail
  4. Tel No Answer? System will automatically switch to voice mail, missed calls were also recorded information, at any time to listen to or view, 24-hour switchboard secretarial services. The voice mailbox is a value-added communications functions, it applies to a wide range of simple, make the communication between you and the others smooth. To meet the multidimensional needs of the user.
  5. Extension adapter
  6. Enterprises in the printing business cards and corporate switchboard extension number, when customers call the switchboard after
  7. Real name forwarding
  8. When customers do not remember the company's extension number, the customer dial switchboard, press 0 to telecom customer service center, on the operator to find out the company name or product name or brand name, the operator can immediately transferred to the purpose of telephone company .
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