"400 service", also known as the Lord called pay-sharing service, is a customer for the called party to provide a unique number across the country and to the number of calls connected to the called customer predetermined destination (telephone number or call centers) nationwide intelligent network service. The business phone calls from the owners, called sharing payment.
   400 is a 10-digit phone number, is China Unicom to launch a unified national business customers customer service and sales hotline. 400 call is a transit number does not require any installation and equipment, as long as the number launched, and then bind the company by number of management background phone \ landline or PHS. Enterprise customers a dial 400 companies registered their telephone, will automatically transferred to the phone that he is bound. Any country within the caller simply call the "400xxxxxx" No, no need to dial the area code, in accordance with enterprise business users can pre-set programs, will call the customer directly connected to the designated phone number or call center .
    Telephone 4006 400 China Netcom currently points (now for the new China Unicom), China Railcom, 4007 (now the new mobile), 4008 China Telecom, the three operators, three number section, the development of China Telecom 4008 the earliest, before the separation in telecommunication Netcom beginning with 4008, the first section on the 400-820, 800-820 we are familiar with China's first section 800 as the first number for the Chinese section 400, then the separation of China Telecom, Netcom, coupled with CRC from the Railway Ministry of all the numbers owned by the original 4008 all of China Telecom, China Netcom and Railcom are opening a new section on 4006,4007; 400 call the Office of General Telecom Netcom CRC business process, for the long-distance charges 0.06 yuan / 6 seconds, telephone 0.1 yuan / minute generally do not provide a platform for binding only in the local fixed telephone number, mobile phone and in the field can not be fixed telephone adapter, check Huafei binding numbers need to apply for operating room, need to bring business documents and letters of introduction; agents handle, generally uniform tariff is 0.3 yuan / minute main part of the agents will
be more favorable price, such as multi-line telephone technology 400, as the development of China's 400 phone earlier, so now a good number and less, CRC 4007 CRC itself as fixed telephone net network coverage is relatively lower in China Telecom, China Netcom, so they lower the price, there is a drawback, which is slowly opening number, is a semi-colon segment CRC 400 agents, each region can only proxy the proxy section of the local number ( China Unicom is the country regardless of No. 400 Section No. unified open), they offer monthly through the network telephone calls, charges to the lower, the effect of those calls do not ask, telephone traffic for large enterprises are better, but to Note that the monthly subscription is only VoIP phone calls; currently the 400 telephone is the most advantageous China Unicom's 4006, and their network coverage with China Telecom, almost, but because they are relatively late development, good numbers more, rates are relatively low, with China Netcom and China Unicom, the new China Unicom had 400 phone market consolidation, unified opening number, that is the new China Unicom 4006 4006 Phone Agents can open all the numbers after the paragraph.

400 Service Functions:

  1. Phone automatically assigned
  2. 400 Busy / No Answer Call Forwarding
  3. 400 Call intercept
  4. 400 special password
  5. 400 Cost-sharing
  6. Cost Control 400
  7. 400 Call Analysis
  8. 400 Enterprise ringtones
  9. 400 IVR Navigation
  10. Web call center functions
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