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   American Greek Simmons Company (CMOLS) a subsidiary, the company mainly engaged in international long-distance phone cards and IPPBX business. Adhering to bit strength, help businesses take off the idea of building the most authoritative of the communications industry as the goal, to provide customers with excellent service, excellent quality, reasonably priced specialty products. Our promise is: quality first, customer first, with a grateful heart to meet the customer needs!

     "Customers smile" is our continuous goal. From the customer point of view, using a practical workflow, strict service quality standards will work in-depth customer service to all aspects of business processes to minimize the incidence of customer issues, to provide customers with comprehensive, personalized service, maximum limits to achieve customer and partner satisfaction; customers and partners will be satisfied smile is our development in the area.

    Companies implement people-oriented human resources strategy, a set of introduction, training, use, incentive mechanism for talent. Master's degree with 98% of total number of staff. R & D capabilities and high level of software-depth understanding of the telecommunications industry and has long experience in the Greek American League's core competitiveness; to customer needs as their responsibility the development process and science of supply chain implementation, so that the Greek League have been met differences in the interests of customers of competitive advantage, in the spirit always meet customer needs, guide customer needs, lead the industry trend of cutting-edge, relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction with service tenet, the Greek league will be honest brand and service success to the future, to develop innovative Customers and partners can bring a variety of products, create value for our customers to meet market needs at all levels.

    IPPBX business for China, promoting the next generation of network-based (Next Generation Network) results of the latest communications technology popularization and application of professional websites, relying on the Greek Confederation of the United States for several years in the telecommunications services the company's strong technology development capabilities and operating experience , with the solid strength of the international market, with global resources of high quality telecommunications services to "the Greek league (CMOLS) IP-PBX" series of products as the core, for domestic customers from the phone to the global integration of the Group's unique multi-media communications personality comprehensive solution.

     Phone card business mainly engaged in international long distance phone cards, international long distance calls using our low rate card you can play from China to more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. We are in southern California, has many years of successful retail phone card services and the successful experience, we are convinced that every transaction can make customer satisfaction, our goal is - to provide you with the most satisfied with high-quality low-cost international long distance calling card services, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day online sales. And our calling card customers a professional consultant, you will be resolved when you use the calling card all the problems encountered. You can easily call or EMAIL through the free to contact us. And if you have any of our products and services, please let us know, we will give you more satisfaction, free consultation telephone :400-700-7040 400-700-7041


Founded in 1999, head office in California. website business in full swing; with the end of the year, open, open the sales situation, maintaining steady sales;

In 2000 the company opened its, expand business in Asia;

In 2003 to meet the surge in business demand, the company deployed IPAX system, expanding the field of business to VOIP

In Shenzhen in 2004 established the first China representative office, responsible for business development in China

2005 PBX4china website, launched China's IP-PBX business

2006 IPAX system expansion, the number of users increased to 300,000

In 2007 the company began to expand global operations in 24 countries opened a local access number

In 2008 to further expand global operations, product coverage expanded to 85 countries

Shenzhen Representative Office 2009, moved to Beijing to set up Beijing office

Set up branches in Beijing 2010 - Beijing Greek Simmons Communication Technology Co., Ltd., to carry out a comprehensive IP-PBX business phone card business.

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