Simmons purpose communication services
   Greek Simmons Communication Technology Co., Ltd. (CMOLS) to provide customers with excellent value-added service for the purpose, and, through its National Technical Service Center to customers all around the rapid integration of system services, and to constant innovation and self-improvement to improve and enhance customer satisfaction.
   The United States and its agents in China, the Greek League Greek League ippbx distribution system service, by the U.S. representative office in China the Greek Union for full unity, a unified policy. And is responsible for implementation, inspection and management.

Greek League ip pbx system product technology service center
  • The United States to China's Yi Tong to provide quality customer service in China, Beijing, Shenzhen and other regions to establish a technical service center and will increase according to the customer's needs technical service center at any time.
  • End-user maintenance or other services required direct contact with the Shenzhen service center, service centers and technical personnel to provide services directly to customers
  • The United States authorized value-added resellers, integrators, the United States with the requirements of the Greek Union of specialized technical staff, providing easy transfer to the Greek League ip pbx system, the first line of service, and decide whether to Online Shopping Mall to the U.S. request for the service center in Shenzhen Greek League ip pbx system product technical service support.
  • Will ensure that customers receive quality services effectively and enjoy the services from the field to experts and strong technical support.
  • U.S. service center in Shenzhen Greek Union agents and end customers each year to conduct investigations, to monitor their services and understanding of customer satisfaction and opinions.


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